Tuesday, April 1, 2008

reflecting on the weekend

This past weekend was so much fun. Even if it was the last push for Hubbie at work. (which means, I did not see him at all)

Friday night, my friend, Mo called and invited me AND the kiddos to go with her to the Tipperary Inn. The neighborhood pub hosts live Irish music each Friday night, and my kids love Irish music. The night was complete with fish & chips and an ice cold beer. Fefe charmed all the patrons sitting near us as she danced and be-bopped her way on the floor. Flirting shamelessly with the two guys sitting at the table in front of us...I thought she was my quiet, reserved type!! So much for that!

Saturday, I had a prayer meeting in the morning, where, again, my children were welcomed so that I could attend. This is made up of mostly mommies and we get together to pray and support each other in our role as little soul-formers.

Than in the afternoon, I had a Christ Renews His Parish Team 3 reunion. Again, the kiddos were welcomed and I was so relieved. They ran around the house looking for the two cats and finally settled down to color everyone some bookmarks. Meanwhile, in the other room, ten of us were gathered to catch up with each others' lives. This is made up of such a wide range of women, from single and young to married and been there, done that. I love it. Such wisdom and acceptance from such loving women. So, with all that prayer and love, it was definitely a good day.

AND, Hubbie got in all of his hours. In fact, he was over by .5!! I am so proud of him and of US for getting through this difficult time of working non-stop while completely supporting each other and not getting hung up on little road blocks.

Unfortunately, he just found out he will be traveling a bit this week, so the fun just doesn't stop!! Oh well.

This weekend really allowed for me to reflect on the messages of Easter. How we each have our own Passion to walk through, right along with Jesus while being completely loved and supported by Mary. We each have our own cross to bare, our own falls to get up from. The echo of Fr. John's homily still rings in my head, "we are a people of service" and if we shy away from this, than what is the point? And if we can't do it in LOVE, what is the point? So, my prayer for you and for me, is that we will not shy away from serving each other, but that we will be quick to respond to one another's needs and that we will do so out of love.