Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Faith and Failure

Last night, as I was leaving to go to a meeting after dinner but before the children's bedtime, Caroline runs to her backpack and says, "I have to finish all of these worksheets by tomorrow!" Now, she was holding a 60 page chapter book and about 12 pages of questions. "WHAT?!"- I screamed in my head - "Really?" I said outloud, "well, you've got 20 minutes until bedtime, I guess I know what you'll be doing. I'll set the timer." She got to work fast after some grumbling and me looking at her with that, "you got yourself into this" look. Than I left for meeting. She stayed up about 20 minutes past bedtime and than woke up on her own about 45 minutes earlier and worked away. Now it was time for school. She still had 2 chapters and 3 pages of questions to go. "But I'll get a number!" (this is a disciplinary mark) "Yes, you probably will- but I doubt you will let this happen again, huh?"
Oh it was so hard to let her fail. It is minor, I fully realize, but it would have been easy to let her stay up later, and to help her with the questions. But how would that have really helped her? Anyhow, I read the following post on Faith and Family and was reminded how quick we want to label ourselves by our accomplishments. That is not how our Heavenly Father sees us. To him, no matter what, we are His Beloved. And that makes a world of difference.

Faith & Family : Features : Fail Forward

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


I LOVE this picture.
I love how the older three are looking up at the snow in awe and wonder. And I adore how totally frustrated Lydia is that she is being held by Caroline.

What a wonderful time of play in the snow. Gino was out in the thick of it, creating the largest snowman to ever reside on our street.

Meet Snowbot 2010: