Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

I will do my seven quick takes again, because that helps me think a little better.
1.  Gino is currently at the hospital, he will spend the night.  I have not been feeling well.  It's my lungs.  I have a deep cough that is hard to get anything up and if my throat gets dry or I try to take a super deep breath...well, I go into a kind of spastic cough.  Not good.  I tried calling several doctors today but because we have had snow and ice for the last few days, no one was there. 

2.  Snow days.  Ay-carumba!!  Trying to pull out all the Mommy tricks.  We baked, we puzzled, we colored, we played with homemade blue goo, we watched tv, we played in the snow, we built a fort... I'm exhausted!!!!  Luckily, they are too...and each one of the children are fast asleep.

3.  House hunting.  Well, our first home that we wanted did not accept our offer.  The second home that we wanted, we were turned down because the sale was based on our home being was a bid war and we came in at the same dollar amount, so the seller was able to get picky.  The third house... it is big... it has everything we need except a small backyard that is nothing but a square of grass behind the house.  It needs a lot of tlc.  So big.  I feel like the children's rooms would be sooo far away.  I don't know...  anyhow, that is not a done deal, we have been negotiating with the seller on price still.  We only just today got the disclosure.  Tomorrow we are actually going to look at three more homes.  I'm excited about one of them because it is just 3 or 4 doors down from the elementary school.  It is smaller, does not have a study- but a large Master with a bit of a sitting area that could be made into a work area.  It has a pool in the back, but it also has enough space around it plus grass and the driveway is fenced in.  So...we'll see... it is nerve-wrecking house hunting.  Did we do the right thing???  We sold for so much less.  I love this ol' house.  Hardwood floors, close to downtown... community... is this really the time to be trying to build community again??!! 

4.  Marianne.  Her gavage was put back in.  She was just not meeting her minimums.  So, back went the tube.  When they first did this I was physically ill over the whole thing.  Everything.  Marianne, house, lack of sleep... ugh.  I litterally vomitted and had to leave the hospital.  It was icy outside and was one of the worst drives of my life.  Dry-heaving and driving on ice...lovely, plus exhaustion. 
So- anyhow, Marianne is consistantly inconsistant.  She will finish several bottles in a day and than she will only take half other times.  She does not like the early morning bottle.  She does not like her vitamins.  It takes heroic efforts to get her to finish a bottle... sometimes up to 45 minutes or an hour.  The doctor will probably talk to us about a g-tube.  This is a tube that is surgically put directly into her belly.  She will still be offerred the bottle, but at night, we can give her the rest of whatever she did not take.  Now do you see why I was physically ill?  I'm so afraid that this is a slippery slope and that Marianne will not get this figured out if we give her a way out.  However, the baby has to eat and grow, right??  UGh.  And we want her home...we want her home so badly.  It is time for her to socialize with her family...not the nurses.  I worry about bonding with the baby...Gino is up there now, and I'm okay with that.  Is that weird?  Breastfeeding has gone out the window.  This is why it is just time.  We are loosing time and so it is just time to move on with it and get her home so that we can begin to be a family under one roof.  (not sure which roof yet, but that is okay!)

The abbreviated version of our snowed-in-looking-for-a-home-eat-baby-eat-week.