Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Day 1

This morning the children woke up at 6:15. My husband was also awake. He actually left the house at 0645. This is unbelievable considering that it was like gathering cats to a bath every morning to get them out the door by 0745. Go figure.
I just finished round 4 of the olive oil treatment for lice for me and C. As I am pain-stakingly combing through her hair I am observing S scratching her little head like crazy. LORD help me.
So now it's 1015 and I am wiped out already. The laundry is up the ceiling and my little 2.5 cu.ft. washing machine is about to kick the bucket. We are meeting with realtors to put our home on the market. This means we need to start moving out of our home to make it "show ready". All I want to do is wiggle my nose and make it happen like Samantha did on "Bewitched".
Troops are restless. SUmmer joy.