Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes

Here are my Seven Quick Takes for Friday, (and the week for that matter!)

1. My son turned 5 this week

and we have been properly celebrating with STOMP ROCKETS.

2. This is a BIG one. After being out of work for a year. Twelve months. My husband has received not one, but two job offers this week. Praise GOD. Please keep us in your prayers, for wisdom to discern the right one for our family.

3. I exercised twice this week! I scheduled three times but my daughter had field day at school and really wanted me to show up for some of it.

4. my house is a mess and I'm okay with it~ not really... but i'm ignoring it for now seeing as i only get three maybe four hours of sleep at a time.

5. (I am going back and forth between typing one handed and not...) I am going through my daughters' clothes and storing them or giving them away... this is a long and cumbersome process... thank GOD for hand-me-downs. We just have such little storage that it is difficult to store all.

6. After I pick up my daughter from school, I am going to hang out with some dear friends for our "beer-thirty" play date. They have a great big fenced in back yard, lots of kids and space and some Mommy drinks, too. Bliss. PLUS...tonight, my husband and I get to go on a date while my kiddos go to Parents Night Out

7. Please keep my mother-in-law in your prayers as she is in and out of the hospital these days.

Well, I've got a great Friday still ahead of me!! Okay, I better try and make a dent in all of these girlie clothes while my two year old is sleeping or you can fuhgedaboutit!