Friday, May 8, 2009

7 Quick Takes

It's Friday and you know what that means...


DH started his new job this week and we feel very blessed that his new job allows for him to join us for dinner each night- something unheard of with his old job.


My Dad was flying through the area and had a two hour layover...just enough time to run to Burger King and grab some fries and a drink together.


Re-meeting my highschool girl friend after 16 years!! ~very strange~ but very fun,too!

I am trying to organize all my printed out recipes and so my dining room table is covered right now... it's always darkest before dawn, right?

One of the mom's at my dd's school is having her 3rd baby and so some other mom friends are throwing her a baby shower. I love that they are doing this for her, and I look forward to celebrating this little life. One mom was very put-out over the whole thing and complained to me about it. I wish I could think of a tactful way to tell her that this is a little PERSON we are celebrating- it doesn't matter if she were the first born or the eighth born! ... any ideas?

Went out this evening to meet with our small church community- three other couples who are the same age, with small kids and have a strong faith life, similar values, etc. We are watching the "Love and Respect" videos. Very informative, if not extremely repetitive. The very strong message of loving your wife/respecting your husband will eventually sink into our thick skulls.

Went to a Mother's Brunch at my 6yo daughter's school this morning. They served us oj and muffins. Than they serenaded us with such sweet cheesy mama songs that there was not a dry eye in the classroom. They also signed all their songs! I sat there watching my oldest baby, wondering who this girl was... she seemed so able and had such beautiful confidence. I am excited to get to know this little young lady as she blossoms to her fullest potential. This part of parenting is kinda fun, ya know?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

small successes Thursday


I am posting this on the right day!
Today, I was able to go to my weight lifting class. Yep, I'm pumping iron.
My home is clean! (thank you, honey!!)
Making it to the grocery store and planning for the week is always a big accomplishment around here... and today it happened.

"The Two Mommies"

Monday, May 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes

The Monday edition...
1. I did pilates this morning!
2. I must fold lanundry today!!
3. Lydia was up most of the night with a dreadful cough
4. We investigated bigger homes this weekend.
5. I dread putting my home on the market.
6. Gino starts his new job today!
7. my goddaughter received her first holy communion saturday- what a joy!