Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Late Take for Quick Takes

I'm going to try this method...even though it is Saturday.  :)  Might help me get some random thoughts out there...

1.  I might have strep.  Not officially...but all the signs are there...coughing, low grade fever, no appetite, sore throat.  Caroline most likely does too.  She was home from school all week with a low grade fever and coughing.  I should have taken her into the doctor.  But it just did not seem urgent enough to get it checked out.  And wouldn't you know, I look up from my fog of visits to the Special Care Nursery, homes for sale, bills to go through, and all of our kiddos have these symptoms.  HELLO??  Did I mention I have been a single mom for the past 8? 9? days/???  Gino has been working awful hours.  So... here I am, in bed, and Gino has the pleasure of taking four sickies to the doctor this morning.  By the way, (this is for Mom...) I DID call my doctor and I am on antibiotics now and I really am in bed right now...drinking plenty of fluids.   (Muuuwa!  -that's a kissy sound, Mom)
UPDATE:  IT'S THE FLU... Caroline tested positive- she's on day 7, we all received a prescription for Tamiflu.

2.  Marianne is doing really well!!  She weighs 8 pounds, 3.8 ounces... the nurse said she lost 24 grams... (really? chalk that up to a bm??).  She has to have a total volume of a minimum 400 mls every 24 hours.  She has kept to her minimum taking in between 420-480 mls since Monday.  The nurses are starting to talk about "when she goes home"... one even said to me on Thursday, I hope you are gone by the time I get back on Tuesday!!" (this sounds ugly, but it is a GOOD thing around the Nursery!!)  I told her that I did not think I could hope for that right now and she nodded, very understanding and said, "that's okay, I will hope FOR you".  I LOVE the nurses up there (most of them) and am so grateful for their care for our baby.  Her doctor and I spoke yesterday, she knows that I am sick and she said, "you better get lots of rest this weekend because you are going to need it for when the baby comes home!"  This is hospital speak:  no exact day (they don't want you to get disappointed), but just laying down little hints of what's next.
Her total volume for today looks real low, so we'll see what the weekend doc does.  I spoke with her nurse, she knows we are all staying away right now, and she said she was trying very hard to get her to take all her feedings, but the baby has been sleepy.  She'll get there.  Time and patience.

3.  OUR HOME... well, we are officially under contract!!!  I could never imagine what this side of "selling your home" would look like and it is very more calls from CSS (Central Showing Service) to make appointments, no more cleaning it "show ready" before we left, or at the end of the day so we could get out of here earlier, no more figuring out what to do with the children and myself while a showing is going on.  No pumping in the car because I didn't have time!  No anxious feeling when the phone rings.  Just back to living in our home. 

4.  AN OFFER... we put down an offer on one home.  It is a much lower offer than what they are asking and they have only been on for a, kind of a longshot. It has four bedrooms and a study, a playroom and a big backyard.  The backyard backs up to a field and a creek.  It is in a cul-de-sac.  Has a really great space over the garage that could be finished out for an additional playroom or better yet...girls dormitory!!  Really a great layout and fit for our family.  We haven't heard back.

5.  BUDGET... tight.  really tight.  Any tips?  We (the me of we) are thinking of canceling our cable and just using netflix.  Do you do this?  Any other ideas to slash some things from our budget?  Moving to Coppell means no more school uniforms.  I am really not jazzed about that.  Clothes and school just bring back bad memories for me. 

6.  A picture....

7.  Can I just say that it REALLY ANNOYS me when people act like it is the most pitiful thing in the world that Tommy is the only brother amoung ALL THOSE GIRLS.  I mean, how sad is that?  Poor thing must get so tired of those sisters.  This is most effective when said in front of Tommy and his sisters.  UGH.  Judging by the above picture alone...I don't think he minds after all, until someone reminds him again of how AWFUL that must be for poor Tommy.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today I have spent the day in the Special Care Nursery with Marianne.  It has been nice to watch her, hold her and talk to her.  We have worked on feeding together and that is not going well.  It has been really good to see how much the nurses here seem to love my Marianne.  Thursday night, we had called to check on her and learned that the nurse had given Marianne her first tub bath.  Marianne LOVED it.  I was so upset.  Another milestone reached, but not with me and not at home.  It would be very very easy for me to curl up in this yucky blanket of self-pity.  Instead, Gino and I made arrangements for me to be here for the day, and to give Marianne her first tub bath from her Mama.  No one else can do that.  :)   The nurse, Olivia, was awesome showing me some great new tricks on how to keep the baby comfortable and warm throughout.  And Marianne's primary nurse, Jamie, from NICU was visiting us at the time, so she was our photographer.  It was perfect.  And Marianne LOVED it... she really did!  I've never seen a baby sleep through a bath!!!  But I have pictures to prove it.

So about Marianne's feeding... well, we just don't know what is going on. She doesn't seem to be able to take more than 25 ml. She is supposed to take 60 ml. She just does not like to swallow. She gets tired so quickly, she won't actively engage in her feeding. Reflux? Asphixiation with swallowing? Immaturity? We don't know. I am hoping and praying that we will have more anwers on Monday. Dr. King has given orders to have a swallow test Monday morning. She'll swallow something while being x-rayed so that they can actually SEE what is going on in her throat. It is a little invasive, but it is time for some answers so that we can better meet her needs. She is healthy in EVERY other way. We just need to figure out how to get her to take a bottle.

Marianne's due date came and went and we still do not have a come home date. I'm hoping in about 2 weeks....but I've been saying that for about a week now.

Gino and I had the house clean for several showings that were going on today. We were out of the house by 11 a.m. He took all the kiddos to eat, and than to visit his parents. They always enjoy that. Nonna and Paw Paw keep a freezer stocked with lots of icecream bars. Paw Paw has coloring pictures printed from online curtailed to each child's interests... airplanes, dolphins, fairies, flowers... very sweet.

So this house does not seem to want to let go of us! We are having many showings, but so far, no offers. Maybe we are meant to stay? Oh, but it is so small!!!!


In the back of my head, I keep thinking that there are such bigger issues out there, and a small house is no big gig. And keeping the house on the market is as big a deal as we make it. This is not life threatening, just inconvenient. I can't wait for the day to come when I can sit, nurse my baby- or bottle feed her- and watch the children playing with a mess of toys... and not worrying about a call to show the house. I think this day will come very soon. Maybe in about 2 weeks.