Thursday, March 27, 2008

night time dance

The sunset was amazing tonight.

I put the children to bed, than went outside and put away a few things and watered my overgrown seedlings. Kiddo came to the window and was jumping up and down pointing to the sky, than Spikey, too. So I went to them and they were like, "MOM! Look at all the colors! pink! orange! blue! purple! red!"

So I let them come out and we went to the front yard for a fuller look at the night sky.

Breathtaking. Seriously brought tears to my eyes.

And Spikey says, "This is what Jesus wanted us to see! He made this for us!!" As they are jumping up and down and doing a dance in the driveway. They just can't contain themselves!

Wow. Aren't they great? Ok, well remind me because now they are dancing around up and down the hallway too hyper to settle down for sleep.

Friday, March 21, 2008

hangin' with a Mama on a Friday night

I hope you all had a nice, reflective Good Friday. I was kinda at my wits end. It's been a loooooong few weeks my friends, with kiddos round the clock and no hubbie time.
So... I thought I would share with you some Mama on the verge moments.

We are pretending to be mermaids and sharks. Yep. Old fashioned play.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

my garden

This is my attempt at growing vegetables. The kids and I were motivated by this book. I love reading it to them and we decided to try planting seeds.

So, we have corn, zucchini, and sugar snap peas growing. Strawberries and lots of lettuce round out the garden.

So, right now we are in containers because my plot has not been tilled up yet. But, it will happen... patience.

Irish Eyes in a Panamanian dress

I found this dress at a consignment shop for kids in SA... three years ago. It is special to me, because it has the Panama Mola Indian Art on the top. I lived in Panama when I was about 6 mos old until 3 years old. My little sister, Lora was born in the Panama Canal Zone. In fact, she has that in common with Sen. John McCain.

I figured out that my children are about 1/4 Irish. Unless the stories that my paternal great grandmother, Mama Ann, tells are true in which they would be 2/3 Irish. Unless the stories that my maternal grandfather, Papo, tells are true, than they would be about 80% Irish.

We all want a piece of the Irish action.

samurai warriors

These are my mighty warriors. One of the exhibits at the SA Children's Museum was Japanese Culture. Naturally, we made samurai hats. Here they are with their game faces on.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

will you take a kid?

So here we are in SA, spending time with my Dad. Mom is still teaching, her spring break isn't until next week.

Yesterday I thought I'd give "Gramps" a break and take the kiddos to the San Antonio Childrens Museum. It was okay... I guess I'd rate it a B-.

They had a bluebonnet exhibit that consisited of construction paper and crayons. There was a finished picture of a bluebonnet to show the children what it should look like. That was it! I was looking for the real-life example of the flower, maybe some seeds to plant and some information about this beautiful state flower of ours. No. None of that. I mean, come on, we payed $7 per person. The could have afforded a real plant for crying out loud.

Okay, that is me, the horticulturalist venting. Let. It. Go.

So when we left the parking garage I learned that they do not take credit cards. (the parking garage, that is) I am so spoiled in Dallas~ it seems everyone is willing to take your credit card. The man was older and very nice, but no, no credit card. See, I rarely carry cash. It just doesn't happen. I spend it too quickly. And than I have no trace as to how I spent it! (which, has it's place)

So, he couldn't let me out of the garage, but I could back up, park the car, and walk around the corner to the next building where there was an ATM.

"PLease, Mister!! I have 3 children in the back, two of them are already asleep!! Is there anyway I can mail in the necessary $8 parking fee??"

He finally took pity, paid for my exit, and said I could do the drive in ATM and circle around and pay him back. He made it clear that he was putting his job on the line for me. (I was batting my eyelashes and putting my pouting lips to work)
But, before he let me go... would I please leave something behind to insure him that I would come back to pay?

"Will you take a kid?"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

caucus queen

Last night was standing room only for my precinct. Over 100 people there, many first-timers, like myself, looking around thinking, "I get to vote twice? really?"

It was split about even, Obama-mites and Clinton voters. Awfully out of my skin to be in line for Clinton. But there I was, thinking in my head, "just think of the glass ceiling! A more qualified candidate who is a woman!"

Than I headed over to Ladies Night Out, where some girlfriends gathered together to shower my prego friend with diapers and baby advice.

Just call me the caucus queen.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


But it's not over, I am actually going to caucus for ol' Hil tonight. My Grandpa (die hard Texas Dem) would be so proud. Desperate times call for desperate measures. McCain stands a much stronger chance against Hillary. I was wearing my elephant broach on my coat when I voted and couldn't understand why the funny looks... until I was loading kiddos in the van and caught my reflection. Yep, there it was... a big elephant. Hey, they're my favorite animals, what can I say?

Go Vote, Texans!!

Thanks, Julie, for the yard sign.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I did this at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Just a Sunday

I'm tired and I miss my Hubbie. (but I know he feels the same way!~ and somehow that helps me muddle through our day) I think I'll make a cup of chai tea. That always seems to help pick me up. The kids are in their rooms~ supposed to be playing quietly but Fefe is crying so I'll need to check that out.

We've been outside most of the afternoon. I've been trying to sweep up leaves and cut back plants while making sure no one runs out into the street. Kiddo and Spikey ride up and down the drive way.

I've been playing classical music on my Ipod so that is relaxing. The kids love to hear the William Tell overture. They gallup around pretending to be hunters chasing a fox. Such brainy kids~ if I do say so myself!

I need to figure out how to get the music off our separate hard drive and back onto our current Itunes. With the new computer I have not been able to re-load all my Podcasts and music. This is a bummer because I love to listen to my shows while cooking and doing dishes...
I've no idea how to do this...
Gotta check on Fefe...

I took all of Spikey's clothes away. He said it was too much to put away

(they were ALL out of the drawers. AGAIN.).

So, I said, "than you have too many clothes. Mom will only give you the clothes that you need for the day."

This is going to be a pain in the butt. However, he changes clothes at least 6 times a day. Than throws them in the laundry hamper. So, he has lost the privilege of picking out his stuff for the week.

...Ay-yi-yi... now, where to put all his clothes...

Maybe in a suitcase??? I don't know... such a pain...
Am I just punishing myself???!!!

Okay, the kids are name-calling...
5.5 more hours to go...until my meeting tonight.