Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just a Sunday

I'm tired and I miss my Hubbie. (but I know he feels the same way!~ and somehow that helps me muddle through our day) I think I'll make a cup of chai tea. That always seems to help pick me up. The kids are in their rooms~ supposed to be playing quietly but Fefe is crying so I'll need to check that out.

We've been outside most of the afternoon. I've been trying to sweep up leaves and cut back plants while making sure no one runs out into the street. Kiddo and Spikey ride up and down the drive way.

I've been playing classical music on my Ipod so that is relaxing. The kids love to hear the William Tell overture. They gallup around pretending to be hunters chasing a fox. Such brainy kids~ if I do say so myself!

I need to figure out how to get the music off our separate hard drive and back onto our current Itunes. With the new computer I have not been able to re-load all my Podcasts and music. This is a bummer because I love to listen to my shows while cooking and doing dishes...
I've no idea how to do this...
Gotta check on Fefe...

I took all of Spikey's clothes away. He said it was too much to put away

(they were ALL out of the drawers. AGAIN.).

So, I said, "than you have too many clothes. Mom will only give you the clothes that you need for the day."

This is going to be a pain in the butt. However, he changes clothes at least 6 times a day. Than throws them in the laundry hamper. So, he has lost the privilege of picking out his stuff for the week.

...Ay-yi-yi... now, where to put all his clothes...

Maybe in a suitcase??? I don't know... such a pain...
Am I just punishing myself???!!!

Okay, the kids are name-calling...
5.5 more hours to go...until my meeting tonight.

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