Wednesday, March 12, 2008

will you take a kid?

So here we are in SA, spending time with my Dad. Mom is still teaching, her spring break isn't until next week.

Yesterday I thought I'd give "Gramps" a break and take the kiddos to the San Antonio Childrens Museum. It was okay... I guess I'd rate it a B-.

They had a bluebonnet exhibit that consisited of construction paper and crayons. There was a finished picture of a bluebonnet to show the children what it should look like. That was it! I was looking for the real-life example of the flower, maybe some seeds to plant and some information about this beautiful state flower of ours. No. None of that. I mean, come on, we payed $7 per person. The could have afforded a real plant for crying out loud.

Okay, that is me, the horticulturalist venting. Let. It. Go.

So when we left the parking garage I learned that they do not take credit cards. (the parking garage, that is) I am so spoiled in Dallas~ it seems everyone is willing to take your credit card. The man was older and very nice, but no, no credit card. See, I rarely carry cash. It just doesn't happen. I spend it too quickly. And than I have no trace as to how I spent it! (which, has it's place)

So, he couldn't let me out of the garage, but I could back up, park the car, and walk around the corner to the next building where there was an ATM.

"PLease, Mister!! I have 3 children in the back, two of them are already asleep!! Is there anyway I can mail in the necessary $8 parking fee??"

He finally took pity, paid for my exit, and said I could do the drive in ATM and circle around and pay him back. He made it clear that he was putting his job on the line for me. (I was batting my eyelashes and putting my pouting lips to work)
But, before he let me go... would I please leave something behind to insure him that I would come back to pay?

"Will you take a kid?"


  1. *giggles* sorry that was such a pitiful experience! sounds like a nightmare! at least there was SOME humor in the situation! (Praise God for HIS humor...)

  2. sooo, which kid did he take????