Wednesday, March 5, 2008

caucus queen

Last night was standing room only for my precinct. Over 100 people there, many first-timers, like myself, looking around thinking, "I get to vote twice? really?"

It was split about even, Obama-mites and Clinton voters. Awfully out of my skin to be in line for Clinton. But there I was, thinking in my head, "just think of the glass ceiling! A more qualified candidate who is a woman!"

Than I headed over to Ladies Night Out, where some girlfriends gathered together to shower my prego friend with diapers and baby advice.

Just call me the caucus queen.


  1. you go girl! I didn't caucus and couldn't bring myself to vote for Hillary - but Curt did!! Although he started feeling uneasy as she began winning!

  2. wow-- are you Catholic? Don't you feel pretty badly voting for a pro-abort? I could never bring myself to do that.

  3. No, this was a case where clearly the popular vote did not matter. I really wanted to prolong the race for the democratic nomination. This would only serve to divide the democrats and solidify the republicans. Which, I believe it has. I absolutely will vote pro-life in the fall. However, I have very mixed feelings about voting to maintain the course with the war.