Thursday, March 27, 2008

night time dance

The sunset was amazing tonight.

I put the children to bed, than went outside and put away a few things and watered my overgrown seedlings. Kiddo came to the window and was jumping up and down pointing to the sky, than Spikey, too. So I went to them and they were like, "MOM! Look at all the colors! pink! orange! blue! purple! red!"

So I let them come out and we went to the front yard for a fuller look at the night sky.

Breathtaking. Seriously brought tears to my eyes.

And Spikey says, "This is what Jesus wanted us to see! He made this for us!!" As they are jumping up and down and doing a dance in the driveway. They just can't contain themselves!

Wow. Aren't they great? Ok, well remind me because now they are dancing around up and down the hallway too hyper to settle down for sleep.

1 comment:

  1. How awesome! I didn't notice it - bummer! I'm glad you guys got to have that precious memory!

    On another note, is hubby's busy work season almost over? It seems I remember you mentioning March as an ending point and by my calendar, March is coming to a close soon! I've been keeping you in my prayers!