Friday, February 29, 2008

only once every four years, right?

I just wanted to send you a little taste of our day. We got into the spirit of gardening, planted all our seeds in trays. I have a new spot designated for our future vegetable garden... :)
Anyhow, the kiddos were playing great together in the backyard, on the swings, and Fefe was staying with the older two. So, I went to the front yard to prune and deadhead some plants. I heard the kids take turns going inside to put on their swimsuits to pretend to swim... and about 5-10 minutes later... this is what I found.

I told them I was taking picture to incriminate them. That I needed their Daddy to see what mischief they were getting into. I don't think they believed me. I made a conscious decision to not punish them because I was mostly to blame... I was in the front. So, they had a very very long bath, including changing the bath water to get cleaner water in it!! Then pj's and we gathered all the pillows and blankets and watched "Mary Poppins".


  1. Wow, talk about good old-fashioned fun! I love it! :-D

  2. Those are the things of which the best memories are made. Sounds like a great day!