Tuesday, June 27, 2006

back from the beach!

After a week of being a beach bum and poolside referee, I am back- with pictures!

Here I am (in the bikini- yep, my tummy's never been tighter~) with my sisters, Gina and Lora. Our favorite past time since we were learning to walk on the beach, is to sit in the sand and "glop" our legs and feet. It's all about the right consistency between sand and water that is glopped all over the legs and feet- resulting in very soft skin!!

And here is Lil' Lora putting her tummy out there with my baby brother, JP. Y'all will just have to believe me when I tell you, I'm bigger than she is.

Spikey is just not too sure about those loud waves. Even though the car is very hot, he is going to take his sweet time getting out.

Kiddo, on the other hand, just took to the water like a fish! or... mermaid.

Lots of family bonding, 14 of us in a little 1000 sq ft. condo. Cousins staying up late and waking up early 'cause they don't want to miss a thing. Lots of food and games- Mexican train, dominoes, of course. No sunburns! Just a few more freckles...

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  1. great pics! glad you got in a great vacation before the little one arrives :)