Saturday, April 21, 2007

Now you are 3!

You smile and laugh from the start of the day through the end of the night. You love to cuddle with "Mama" still and when you get hurt, you insist I kiss it. After I kiss your hurt, you quickly declare that you are all better and off you go! You have always preferred my hair down. You sleep with a pink bear and a yellow race car. You have the kind of hair that women find irresistible and must run their fingers through it. You are sunny and funny. I'll never forget after a very long day of grouchy children and even grouchier mom, I was tucking you into bed, thinking to myself, "I have got to do better tomorrow." You put your arms around my neck and said, "I forgive you Mama". At the time I thought it was a funny thing to say, but later that evening, and to this day, I remember what a profound thing you said. You are a beautiful child of God. Slow to anger (unless someone has something that you really really really want) and quick to forgive. I love you Tommy Bear!


  1. How can it be possible that he is 3???? Whoa! It goes SO fast!! He's such a doll!

  2. We were just looking at pictures today of when he was teensy - it's so hard to believe he's already 3!!!

    Happy Birthday, Tommy!!!

  3. What a cutey pie!!! And he is 3!!! (sigh- where did the time go??? )I can't wait to play in the sand with him this summer!!!

  4. My boys are 8 & just about to turn 10 on Feast of Our Lady of Fatima...& my littlest daughter is now 6...yes how time does fly...

    God bless & thanks for sharing the photo..

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