Friday, January 25, 2008

chicken soup, again?

I am cold.

When I get cold, I crave soup.

Lately, with all the ear infections, and virus/colds that my children have been sharing with each other, I have been making lots of soup.

Chicken soup. I have tried a few different versions of chicken soup, discovering what tastes the yummiest. I prefer using the whole bird...the meat is much more tender. I like the carrots and celery chopped slightly big and I love adding noodles. So, that is what we have eaten all week. Do you think it really has a healing effect on colds?

No matter, it feels good ..AAACHOO!!....
don't mind me.
What is your favorite soup recipe... you know, the kind that you crave on a wet and cold day?


  1. chicken tortilla soup with fresh stock and chicken pulled from a whole bird (just like you like it!) -- not to mention home-baked tortilla strips and lots of veggies!

  2. the herb my husband used in his chicken soup (when we still had the restaurant) is tarragon. just enough fresh tarragon and it gives it a wonderful flavor.

    soup is comfort food to me, my favorite, hands down. any kind that is homemade and if you add a grilled cheese sandwich (which are making a comeback, i hear), i am in heaven :)