Friday, August 11, 2006

happy friday

this morning I set a record in our family... out the door with both kiddos, dressed, eaten, and grocery list in hand!!! (trumpet sounds galore)
We were home by 10! Which is about the time I start thinking I need to get to the grocery store. It was a glorious feeling. And even better- the temp. was not yet 90!
So, I had a weird/sweet encounter with my bagger at the store. The Kroger's I like to shop at employs all kinds. There are a few, like my bagger today, who have downs syndrome. Ricky was very smiley as he carefully placed the food in the bags and loaded our cart back up. As we headed out to the parking lot, he just kept smiling and looking at my baby bump. He patted his stomach and said, "baby?" "yep," I said. Now, he is pushing a cart with all my groceries, and I am pushing the cart with my kiddos (the big SUV cart). We are walking side by side and he keeps walking towards me, while pushing the cart, and looking at my tummy, smiling. Than he reaches out- (oh no) he hesitates- comes closer- and pats my tummy. What can I do? I just smile, and say, "this baby's getting big!" I'm embarassed and caught off guard and touched by his genuine curiousity. Okay, so we get to my car, he is loading the food and I am loading the kids. I am in the middle of buckling my 3yo when he finishes, comes around the side of the car and says, "see you later". Than he pats my tummy again! This time he says, "beautiful"- in a kind of sigh. Very sweet. And this time, the annoyance I felt earlier, left me. Immediately I knew that he truly appreciated the preciousness of this life. I drove out of the parking lot reflecting on the beauty of him. And the beauty of this pregnancy.

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  1. Yes, beautiful is right. And I say your bagger was speaking with the voice of God. What a terrific encounter!