Monday, August 21, 2006

my husband fulfilled my dreams tonight...

You see, I've had this fantasy of owning a Honda Odyssey for about 3 years. It was red for awhile- than it was colorless- and all about the space. Room enough to transport a friend and her kid if I needed to. Our family car has been the VW Passat. With two big car seats in the back, you can't fit anything (or anyone) else back there. Now with baby on the way, my husband has come to terms with our needing a larger vehicle.

I have to brag on him. I'm so proud of how he patiently pounded the pavement all day Saturday, than drove home with a van for me to "check out" that night. I loved it. But it had too many miles on it and we wanted to get the most out of our "new to us" used minivan. So, back to the dealership it went. And so went Gino, back to the dealerships. Today, he found it. An '04 with 32k miles. He whittled that price down to exactly what we could afford!!!! Leather interior. DVD player. super condition!

I am a very happy minivan mom!

Now, about that. I have been a VWpassat driver for over 5 years. I always figured that when I wasn't toting kids along, I had a secret image. People could mistake me for some hot-to-trot woman who went to a sophisticated job everyday. They might even wonder if I was available- because of that yuppy look...

But. No. MORE. I am now the driver of a minivan. I must have at least 3 kids and be married. Now I will have to settle for the "just another mom" with a mission (feed the kids and get to wherever on time) image.

That's okay. I'm really REALLY okay with that. Remember, I fantasized about this moment.


  1. So happy you finlly joined our ranks!

  2. Welcome to the gas guzzler club!!

    So....what color did ya get :)

  3. I just returned from vacation and caught up on your posts.

    First, congratulations on the new van. It's the only way to travel. Of course I have a ginourmous white 15 passenger van. Nothing says "unavailable" like a prison van!!

    Second, adjusting to a social life not of your making is difficult. I have had that same experience, but eventually, "his people" became "my people", and then it was just "our people". It took years, and you will get there, I am certain.

    And finally, I am so sorry you are getting buffetted by grief. It is a pain that just must be ridden out. There are no short cuts. But I will hold you in prayer and light candles for you and your babies. Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

    Blessings to you!!

  4. I've had my honda odyssey for about 5 years now and still like it a lot. Of course, the newer ones have the 8th seat option which I need as we can't all fit in with 6 kids, but I wouldn't trade it for a 12 passenger or even a SUV because of the sliding doors and other cool features. Enjoy! The leather seats came in handy about a month after we bought ours, as one kid threw up all over the back seat. Much easier to clean!

  5. Cute post. You'll always be a hot-to-trot regardless of the minivan ;)