Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love is in the air...

Happy Valentines Day!

I have a lunch date with Gino & Puddin' this afternoon. I have more to post, but the kids want breakfast, or something.

Okay, it's about 8 hours later but I'm back. The kiddos are having "quiet time" in their rooms and Puddin' is laying on the floor fighting a nap.

My Gino and I ate at this fabulous and romantic place called La Duni. They are a Latin American restaurant that smells like a yummy kitchen and looks like a boutique when you walk in. Huge cakes with lots of fluffy toasted icing and layered with large pinkish reddish roses make the divider between the bar area and the eating area.
(Oh! The nap finally won... Puddin' is out)
The food is delicious but we're really there for the desserts. Quatro Leches Cake. Indulgent. That is the only word I can think of that will do it justice. Anyhow we had a great talk... these days, it always goes back to, "how can we make things at home run smoother?"... It's a never-ending discussion. Which is easier, having him work late on the weeknights, meaning, he doesn't get home until 8 ish and but we get him for the whole weekend , OR, having him home around 6:30, we eat dinner together, but he has to work at least 5 hours on the weekend? Either way, I hit my wall by 4 each day and I'm pulling my hair out, trying not to scream at the kiddos as they continue to do whatever the hell they want. And by the weekend, I'm seriously thinking of calling a doctor, any doctor, and telling him he needs to numb me out because I need a break. A mental, physical, emotional and spiritual BREAK.

So, where does this leave me spiritually? With little time to even desire prayer in my life. Heck, yelling and jumping and crying doesn't work. What makes me think prayer will help??!! hmf! Now I'm sounding like my four year old. Lorraine, my dear friend who I miss so much I will cry if I think about it, reminded me yesterday... "Rita, let's face it, you know I love you, but you're not the most patient person."

WHAT?! ME? Not patient?!

Okay... maybe not. This made my eyes water. Because it stung. It was true. I had not thought about it in a long time. But I was becoming less and less patient with the people I love. Gino, Kiddo, Spikey... everyone except Puddin. Now, I am on my knees praying for patience. I need it. I need a HEAVY dose of LOVE to go with this patience. So, for Valentines day, and perhaps as a prelude to LENT... I am seeking to love more and to be more patient.

LORD, have mercy!!!!!!


  1. Been there. Actually, still there. You are exercising your patience. Just because you want some doesn't mean you get it right away. Like if I decide to go for a jog so I can get in shape, takes me months, and I mean months, to notice much improvement. I mean hardly any improvement what so ever. And the temptation to dive into discouragement is huge BUT, if I pay attention to the little things, I see a sliver of improvement, and I keep trying. Same with you and patience. Keep trying, loving, hugging, apologizing, and make sure you keep your blood sugar steady, especially around 4:00. Make that movie time, or book time, or everyone goes to their room for quiet time.

    Having three kids as young as yours are is very, very difficult, exhausting, frustrating and disorienting. So be gentle with your expectations as far as external stuff (house, cooking, clothing -- keep it really simple). And try not to wish each day away too often. They really do go quickly, and they really will get older and help more and you will get a full nights sleep again, and be able to leave the house when you want, and so on. But until then, simplify your life as best as you can, and enjoy your family as much as you can, and then call it a day.

    My opinion: have hubby home for dinner and miss 5 hours over the weekend. But that's just an opinion.

    And, glad you're posting, and thanks for stopping by my place. I'll move you off the inactive list!!

  2. Renee,
    Thanks for those wise words. I had to laugh because last week I started Pilates. I did it every day with a video for 20 minutes. On Monday night, Gino asked, "Hey, did you do your pilates today?"
    my reply: "no! I did it every day last week and didn't lose a single pound!!"
    Seriously. I was frustrated already!! How very silly.
    Thank you for reminding me that it's all a process, or journey.
    I guess it's true, the journey is the fun part. In learning patience, and how to lose those baby pounds.

  3. When you figure it all out, fill me in, eh?!!!

    Praying for you - please pray for me!!!