Saturday, June 14, 2008

it is so quiet, I hardly know what to do first...

My husband has taken out three little ones to the Nasher Museum. This weekend is a big City Arts free weekend at the Nasher and the DMA, and so, off they went. Now, ordinarily I love this type of experience, but for now, I am quite content, sitting here at the computer all by my lonesome.

I was going to run to the grocery store...I haven't been in weeks, only getting by with the quick errands that my DH makes for us. Well, quite frankly, it's just not the same. He doesn't buy the same brands I like, and forget about fresh fruit and vegetables! Buying produce is an art to me. I'm an organic princess, as DH would call me, and when I see something in season, I'm inspired to make a certain type of salad or main dish or whatever. I leave room for this in my grocery list making. It is one of the very few things that make grocery shopping enjoyable.

Anyhow, I left my wallet in the mini-van. So... no grocery shopping.

Instead, I'll do a little picking up, maybe sweep and vacuum. It is always a little more productive to do these things sans kids, as they protest when I throw out scrap paper or take down the fort that has been in our living room for the week. FeFe likes to chase the broom, looking for any lost cheerios or goldfish. Grossness, I know, but hey, that is why I am going to do this now.

I actually LOVE the fort in the LR, because it has become Kiddo's and Spikey's little reading cove during our quiet times. The only problem is, they used all our kitchen and dining room chairs. I am on a mission to find boxes. Big, sturdy boxes that they can nestle in and read all they like in a tiny space that is all their own. Never mind their rooms, this is different. It's like being held in a light embrace where no little sibling is going to bother you.

Than, after I do some work, I'll finish this bean soup I started, hey, it's what was in the pantry! Finally, I'll stretch out on the couch and continue reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Can you believe I've never read this book?? I took an online quiz recently and Elizabeth Bennet is the heroine I most resembled. That piqued my curiosity. (And what is the difference in spelling between heroin and heroine?~ sheesh!) Does anyone have a favorite version of this movie? There are so many out there, I thought I would get your opinion?

Now, see what happens with all this quiet?? Even YOU can hear me think!! Happy Saturday y'all.


  1. Sounds lovely at your house - can I come over? PLEASE??!!

    You've just GOT to watch the absolutely AMAZING 6 HOUR BBC version:

    I watch it over and over. And then I wish I was born 200 years ago! :)

    If you wanna come over we can watch it tonight! :)

  2. and after you watch pride and prejudice, you need to read/watch Sense and Sensibility. This is the best movie:

  3. Lauren, YOU are most welcome any time. I WISH I could come over. Okay, I will definitely read and watch "Sense and Sensibility" next. Just to continue the Jane Austen thing. I warned Gino that I was looking for names for our baby!!