Thursday, June 12, 2008

now what?

I cannot believe it has been since APRIL 1 that I last posted!!

Well, if there is anyone still out there checking in on me, I have some fun news just for you!

A new bambino is to be born in late November!! Our family is very excited by this news. The children talk of the new baby as if he/she is physically able to see all that is going on. It is so sweet and affirming to watch their love for this new one grow, even in the womb.

At 17 weeks, I can finally feel at peace that this baby is going to be okay. We had a check up just yesterday and the baby's heart beat was strong and fast. This has been a very different pregnancy from any of the others and especially my most recent. Sophia was a twin and we lost baby Henry between 14-16 weeks. My weight gain with the twins was fast and my pregnancy symptoms were strong. This time around, my gain has been slow (so far...) and the symptoms not to bad other than tiredness. So, naturally, I was nervous.

Peace and excitement are finally settling in to my heart over this new one.
Please keep me in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.


  1. I'd been wondering where you ran off too!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you and your family! I will keep you and your littlest one in our family prayers each night.

    I would SO love to see you again sometime! I ache to see my old friend and catch up. Maybe someday!

  2. Congratulations my friend! I miss you.

  3. i cant believe its been so long either. we missed you! welcome back. :]

  4. Again, congratulations and blessings for a restful, healthy mom and baby.